Reflections on austin


“This piece was taken just before the private opening reception for Ellsworth Kelly's Austin. It had just finished raining when I happened on Austin. Because of the angle of the morning sun and the wet pavement; a near perfect mirror reflection of the building was created. However, I am not sure I noticed it right away. I was taking in the whole scene. It was a cold and rainy weekday morning so not many people were out. And those that were were walking quickly to get where they were going. For a photographer with nowhere to be, and a camera, these are the times that create the best photos. When I can think and breathe. This photo was created under these conditions. It seems to translate the peace that was surrounding me when I took it. As well as, the quiet expectation of Ellsworth Kelly's Austin which was to open later that day. “

Since moving back to Austin in 2016, Alicia’s workflow has evolved to visiting, interviewing and photographing Austinites in their homes and work places - trying to capture through both documentary and artistic recreations the people, and the heartbeat, which is the Austin Community. Alicia is currently working as a freelance digital and film photographer in Austin Texas. In her free time she is authoring the Austin Portrait Project, an ongoing photographic compilation of Austin’s Thriving Artist Community. Alicia’s upcoming events include: Arts Goggle, Fort Worth: TAC Small Works Show: Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth;  EAST Studio Tour, Austin; and "Let's Take a Walk", Art For the People Gallery, Austin. Samples of her work can be found on