Ekphrastic Feature

Week One

Calling on Octavia pt. 1

Caroline Kent

"Calling on Octavia pt. 1" by  Caroline Kent

"Calling on Octavia pt. 1" by Caroline Kent

Calling on Octavia

Noelle Kocot


Etching your way forward, you seek

To “refract” things.  The beautiful has already

Spoken.  Oh, that I might have a hemisphere

Of sentimental shock, coupled with despair’s


Mythic longings.  Stop.  I want to use some

Other word, a pedigree for the nearest available

Chess game.  Time is earnest in a potato field,

While the barbarians are late to come.  Switch


That quilt, which is narrated by yellow fins,

Some cloudburst with its menacing ____.

“You” are taking it slowly, as you lean against

The stove.  History, filled with its pardons marches


On, while you take what you can, and the many

Colors are vague distances you never even seek.