i do best when backed into a coroner.
i have two fat ducks for fists. i have fists

where my tongues should be, lizard brain
teething, i’m doing just fine. when i think,

i’m happy, i know i’m putting on a good face,
the one no one takes offense to, the one sewn

from goat hair and amaranth, no-name bone
structure. no-name bones. my maiden name

is invertebrate. i scraped myself from my last body
like a partly-rancid papaya. i saved what i could.

my teeth fall out twice a day. once to escape
this burning house. once just for the story. 


Franny Choi is the author of Floating, Brilliant, Gone (Write Bloody Publishing). Her work has appeared in Poetry, The Journal, Southern Indiana Review, Redivider, and others. She is a Project VOICE teaching artist and a member of the Dark Noise Collective.